iQiyi debuts Taiwan prison-themed show

A PRISON-THEMED Chinese-language original series, Danger Zone premieres on iQiyi today, and its star is looking forward to binge watching his own show.

Taking the lead role is Taiwanese actor Vic Chou who rose to fame as a member of the boy band F4 and starred in the drama series Meteor Garden (2001). 

Danger Zone follows psychological profiling expert Yan-dong Liang (played by Mr. Chou) who is imprisoned for an incident of abuse. To flip the case, he takes an under-table deal with police captain Chong-hui Tang (played by Christopher Lee) and rookie officer Fei Ran (Berant Zhu). However, the decision triggers a series of crises.

“Even if I am a part of this series, I still find it fascinating to watch the trailer. I can’t wait to binge watch alongside everyone,” said Mr. Chou during an online press conference with Asian media on Sept. 1 held via Zoom. With this show, Mr. Chou returns to acting after a nine-year hiatus.

“From the filming process to the trailer, I think this series is a major breakthrough for every one of us,” co-director Chen Kuan Chong said.

“In our previous collaboration, I was his younger sister. So, it was a family story,” said Sandrine Pinna, who plays police officer Yang Yulu in Danger Zone, of reuniting with Mr. Chou on a drama series 20 years after they worked together on the Taiwanese drama Poor Prince. “But this time in our series, our characters have a lot of confrontation and tension. There was a lot of opposition between both of us.”

Danger Zone has 24 episodes which are divided into two chapters — “In the Dark Night” and “The Silver Lining.” “In the Dark Night” reveals how the three male leads become a team. Meanwhile, “The Silver Lining,” which begins on episode 13, follows how the characters discover the truth. 

Also in the cast are Wu Hsing-kuo, Tseng Jing-hua, and Teresa Daley.

“You really have to watch the series to know which one is the reliable one and which one is the smart one,” co-director Chuang Xuan Wei said.

Danger Zone premieres today on iQiyi International at 8 p.m. (Taipei Time). It is available in 10 subtitled languages (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, and Spanish). To watch, download the iQiyi app or log in to Michelle Anne P. Soliman

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