Stuff you need for better sleep according to Ikea

IF one wants good sleep, one might have to shop.

During the Let’s Make Sleep Count event by Ikea earlier this month, sleep coach and founder Ria Lopez emphasized the importance of sleep. “Our sleep affects everything: our overall physical health, our mental health, and just all of our functioning,” she said. “If you just slept the seven hours every day in a year, we could easily lose 14 pounds without effort.”

Ikea used the event to launch its sleep campaign, promoting beddings, curtains, light solutions, and other items. Here are a few items one can score from Ikea to get better sleep.


Made in a sleek slate gray, promise to block out street lights, moonlight, and even the sun. Ms. Lopez said, “Darkness is key. Darkness signals your body to release melatonin.” She added as well about taking supplements of the sleep hormone, “There’s not enough science to back it up. Our body does it naturally.”


This little antique-inspired lamp emulates a live flame. With dimmable settings, this can set the tone for sleep.


This ergonomic pillow is made of memory foam topped with a gel layer that regulates temperature, so one can have a consistent and cool sleeping surface throughout the night.


Ikea has gotten into the mattress game, and this tempting firm foam mattress has a soft layer of wadding and a quilted cover. Ikea helps customers pick a mattress based on their sleeping style. For people who sleep on their back, they recommend firmer spring mattresses, while side sleepers can benefit from softer foam mattresses. Any other preferences can be handled with a line of hybrid mattresses, also among their offerings.

“You should make your room your sanctuary for sleep,” said Ms. Lopez. “Whether that is for you, it is important to get in touch with yourself…and to set it up the way you like it.” —  Joseph L. Garcia