Supreme Court cancels past permits for use of SC seal on vehicles 

THE SUPREME Court (SC) has ordered the cancellation of all permits issued on the use of the tribunals official seal on vehicles.   

In a statement on Wednesday, the High Court warned that violators may be held liable for indirect contempt of court and may be criminally prosecuted.  

“The court ordered the revocations of previously-issued authorizations for said displays of the official seal,” said the court.  

Security plates of former court officials and judiciary members will no longer be valid authorizations, it said.    

It added that vehicle owners must apply for new authorizations to use the Supreme Court seal.  

The new rules are consistent with previous directives prohibiting unauthorized items bearing the SC seal. It will take effect following its publication in two local newspapers.  

The tribunal also directed the Office of the Court Administrator to issue a memo on the new measure for lower courts. John Victor D. Ordoñez