Cocolife Loans: A new support to finance and reach your dreams

Every Filipino has his own dream, some may want to build their own dream house while others may want to start and grow their own business. Regardless of what dream you have, achieving such dream entails a large expense given that it requires substantial capital and resources.

One of the means that could help defray such a large expense is through availment of a loan. To support Filipinos to attain such goals and dreams, insurance company Cocolife now offers Personal Housing Loan and Business Loan.

“As part of its belief in empowering the Filipino to help them reach their goals and dreams, and ultimately improve their lives, Cocolife is now openly investing in the Filipino through its various loan programs,” announced Jessica Joyce Santos, senior vice-president of Cocolife Loans Department.

Jessica Joyce Santos, Cocolife Loans Department senior vice-president

Cocolife is ready to support Filipinos in building their dream houses through its Personal Housing Loan. The company understands that buying or building a house could be difficult because of the prohibitive costs. Hence, its Personal Housing Loan could help finance the purchase of a house and/or lot, or the construction of a house. It also made the financing easier with its flexible payment terms of up to a maximum repayment term of 15 years.

“Through the Personal Housing Loan offering of Cocolife, Filipinos can start building their dream house today,” Ms. Santos said. “Every Filipino deserves the safety and comfort that a good house can provide. To this end, Cocolife is prepared to invest and help Filipinos build their dream house.”

Meanwhile, Cocolife is also open to working with Filipinos by supporting their businesses through financing. The company offers Business Loans that could help meet the needs of their businesses. The additional funding can be used to support their daily business operations, trading cycle, capital expenditures, big projects, and business expansion.

“Cocolife’s Business Loan offering is designed to fuel the tenacity and the business acumen of Filipinos by providing them with the support that they need to grow their businesses,” Ms. Santos said. “By offering financing options to Filipino entrepreneurs, Cocolife hopes to pave the way and provide opportunities for these entrepreneurs to jumpstart their business or take their current business to the next level.”

And as a testament to its commitment to delivering the best quality service, Cocolife provides different avenues for Filipinos to avail its loan products.

“They can learn more about our loan offerings and how to take advantage of such opportunities by visiting Cocolife’s website. They can also send a message or contact the company via email and a member of the Loans Department will get in touch with them and guide them thru the process.”, says Vice President Atty. Mike Guevarra of the Loans Department.

Cocolife’s dedicated sales agents are also ready to help. You can approach any of them at the company’s 26 branch sites and 16 alternative distribution channels nationwide.

Cocolife’s addition of such loan products to its offerings makes its financial services more holistic. As the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, Cocolife is already recognized for its wide array of financial products that are made to address various financial needs of individuals and organizational clients, with offerings that include traditional life, variable life, group life, healthcare, and investments.

“The trademark quality service provided by Cocolife is not limited anymore to providing Filipinos with the best insurance products that protect every Filipino and secure their future. Now, it also extends to providing opportunities for Filipinos to shape that future according to their dreams through its loan product offerings,” Ms. Santos said.

“We assure you that Cocolife will provide you with only the highest quality of service, as we have done for over 40 years,” Cocolife President and Chief Executive Officer Atty. Martin Loon also ensured. “It is a commitment that made us the first ISO-certified life insurance company in the Philippines.”

Backed by a more comprehensive and robust financial product portfolio, Cocolife stays true to its commitment to support Filipinos not only by covering them in times of crisis with the help of its insurance services, but also by helping them finance and reach their personal goals and dreams through its loan offerings.

To know more about how Cocolife’s Personal Housing Loan and Business Loan offerings can help you finance and achieve your goals and dreams, visit or email


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