Brian Poe Llamanzares takes key role in Global AI Council, boosting Philippine AI development

Brian Poe Llamanzares has been appointed to the Global AI Council’s Advisory Board, marking a pivotal step in transforming the AI landscape in the Philippines. This appointment highlights the critical role of artificial intelligence in fostering innovation and societal advancement within the country. With his diverse expertise in technology, entrepreneurship, and public service, Dr. Poe Llamanzares is set to drive significant progress and elevate the Philippines’ standing in the global AI community.

AI through Strategic Leadership

Brian Poe Llamanzares is a distinguished entrepreneur, investor, and public servant from the Philippines. With an extensive educational background from world-class institutions like MIT, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Stanford University, and Columbia University, Dr. Poe Llamanzares brings a wealth of knowledge and a firm belief in the power of continuous education to his new role. His role aims to bridge the gap between global AI advancements and local implementation, fostering a significant uplift in technological capabilities across the nation.

Leveraging Diverse Expertise for National Benefit

Dr. Poe Llamanzares’ diverse entrepreneurial background, spanning technology, marketing, and digital innovation, positions him uniquely to steer the Philippines toward becoming a leader in AI technology. His experience with ventures such as Artifract and the Blockchain Council of the Philippines enhances his ability to guide strategic AI integration, promising to boost both economic and social sectors.

Driving Innovation and Societal Impact

In his advisory capacity, Dr. Poe Llamanzares is set to direct AI strategies that reflect his passion for transformative technology and societal betterment. His leadership is expected to influence a wide range of initiatives, from enhancing governmental operations through AI to pioneering public services, thus ensuring broad-based benefits for the Philippine community.

Advancing Public Sector AI Integration

With his PhD in Public Administration, Dr. Poe Llamanzares is exceptionally equipped to merge AI technology with government operations, aiming to optimize public sector efficiency and governance. His insights are anticipated to play a crucial role in developing AI applications that are not only innovative but also ethical and inclusive, aligning with the Global AI Council’s standards.

A Visionary Move for Technological and Educational Growth

The appointment of Dr. Poe Llamanzares to the Global AI Council’s Advisory Board is a pivotal move for AI advocacy in the Philippines. His comprehensive expertise and visionary approach are poised to drive significant advancements in AI education and application. This collaboration is also set to embed cutting-edge AI strategies deeply within the fabric of Philippine society, transforming economic landscapes and enhancing the lives of its citizens.


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